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Delivering simplicity+clarity anwerig the question of where



Patrick provides planning and guidance for organizations looking to leverage and / or extend the use of geography to solve business problems. Aligning your geospatial platform with people, processes, technology, data, quality, and performance will increase efficiency and optimize workflows, resulting in lower implementation costs, lower support cost, increased commitment from business stakeholders, and reduced risk. Whether you're laying out a vision for your geospatial platform or figuring out how to enable a particular workflow, our proven approach will guide you through a process towards success.

implementation + integration

Patrick provides services to assess, install, upgrade, integrate, and configure your foundational geospatial platform.  If configuration does not meet the business need, we can provide custom developed solutions for any business-specific workflow. Our configuration-first, customization-second approach promotes an easy to deploy and easy to support model, providing a lower total cost of ownership and increased value.



Patrick provides technical staff and program / project management services to offset your staff, allowing your organization to ramp up and down to meet business demand while providing improved budget forecasting, lower administrative costs, and the ability to get to market faster. 

In addition, Patrick offers template programs that provide defined services and include a set scope of work, budget, and deliverables. Each template program is developed based on all-inclusive pricing, including travel expenses.




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