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areas of focus

Capital Planning, Site Selection

+ Resource Allocation


Operational Status + Awareness



Asset + Facility Management


Risk Analysis, Emergency/Event

Planning + Incident Response


Audit, Inspection + Condition Assessment


Field Mobility + Workforce Enablement

Patrick’s consultants possess extensive industry and technology experience. This combination translates into a distinctive approach to solving the challenges faced by institutions and companies striving to improve the management and operations of their campus, plant (+ terminals), and installation facilities. This approach allows us to deliver robust and scalable geospatial solutions that deliver value from initial assessment to implementation to sustainment over time.


We recognize that your facilities are mission-critical. They represent your largest capital expense, next to your staff. We specialize in site-wide facilities GIS solutions that improve the business of planning, operations, and safety + security. Our solutions help facility owners and operators achieve productivity, resiliency, and safety performance goals, while providing occupants an optimal place to work, study, and collaborate. We realize achieving business transformation means striking a balance between investment in technologies used to secure current and future productivity goals. We utilize GIS specifically for this purpose. GIS is instrumental in reducing the information technology ownership costs associated with managing a facilities portfolio.

key solution support areas
  • Utility, Property/Grounds + Building Facility Mapping (Outdoors/Indoors)

  • Data Collection via Drone, Immersive 360 Camera + Lidar

  • Enterprise Business System Integrations 


  • Facility Operations Management Solutions powered by Cartegraph OMS

  • Utility Network Modeling + Management

  • Immersive 360 Imagery Asset Tagging + VR Solution Integrations

  • Multimodal Routable Network Modeling + Analysis (Outdoors/Indoors)

  • IT / Enterprise Systems Health Assessment

  • Strategic Data Management + Governance

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Integrations (e.g. live sensor data mapping)

  • Location-based Alerts + Notifications

  • CAD/BIM to GIS Data Automation

  • Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner

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