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areas of focus

Business Serviceability


Qualify with Confidence Solution (QWiC)


Data Management, CRM, CIS +

 Engineering Interoperability

Architecture | Roadmaps | Tools


Social Media Location Based Analysis


Bid Analysis + Responses

Internet, Communications, Media, and Technology market leadership is focused on improving customer experience and making smart investments in building the new generation of a modified network.


Our solutions and services help multiple departments eliminate gaps in efficiency of proactive investment decisions, reactions to sales opportunities, engineering, permitting, construction and as-builting required to develop and maintain the hardware and software networks. 

Eliminating the gaps reduces costs, increases sales, and improves shareholder return. This is done through automation and high-performing decision support tools. 

small, medium business + enterprise sales teams

Patrick's team offers Qualify with Confidence (QWiC), which provides instant analysis of service qualification, lowers survey costs, and increases subscriber capture.

carrier, small cell, wholesale

Patrick offers solutions that increase speed of support planning for any and all fiber deployments. 


fiber network engineering + construction teams

Patrick offers implementation services to streamline processes for field services, permitting, and design work.


residential sales teams

Similar to business sales teams, Patrick's team offers tools like QWiC that provide instant analysis of service qualification. 

network operations teams + big data

Patrick provides a combination of tabular views with spatial views for business intelligence and network performance. 

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