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we are not

ordinary consultants.

Admittedly, our titles are fairly conventional. Developers. Analysts. Project Managers. Architects. Senior, Junior, and some in between. And we are all Consultants.

But our callings come with a bit more passion. Efficiency Hunters. Geospatial Nurturers. Ardent Educators. Solution Sleuths. Sage Strategists. Simplification Activists. Thoughtful Opportunists. Bleeders of Geography. Intellectual Rebels.

The Patrick Geospatial Services Team can travel beyond the consultant status quo because we have walked in your shoes. Our soles are callused with nearly 250 years of real experience in companies very much like your own. We have been the GIS managers, product owners, technical staff, administrators and account managers. We have bought, sold, hired, led, followed, celebrated, agonized, built, rebuilt, ate, slept, lived, and breathed the world of GIS and IT. We ARE the people, processes, and technology. Our team came from where you are, and that makes us really good at helping you get where you need to go.

we are different.

Our diverse technology backgrounds play a big role in our ability to think differently. The blended nature of our team provides a cross-pollination of ideas for how to approach situations and solve problems. When you combine the people who used technology to run a business with the people who designed, built, implemented, and supported that technology, you find empathy for, and understanding of, both perspectives. It helps us not only to think differently, but also to listen differently. We communicate with you. Not to you.

Our skills are as diverse as our backgrounds, and our team includes experts in Esri platform strategy, industry systems & workflows, asset data management, mobility, enterprise GIS integration, and Esri/Schneider strategy. We are forward-thinking, which makes us excellent strategic partners in helping to navigate the changing landscape ahead. We are an Esri Silver Business Partner with a relationship spanning nearly 20 years. In 2017, Patrick was awarded an Esri Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award, which recognizes innovative use of GIS by companies and organizations around the world. We are honored by the recognition and humbled to be sitting alongside so many amazing companies.

Technology is a powerful enabler that can optimize business workflows or fill blatant gaps. However, a technology solution must improve the end-user experience and add value…not overhead. Our approach to technology empowerment focuses on people, processes, technology, data, performance, and quality. Technology is part of the solution, but it’s not the only factor for success. We maintain focus on solving the business problem and don’t let technology singularly define the limits of what can be accomplished. This approach has made us thought leaders in providing geospatial enablement to overcome business challenges.

,in every sense of the word

.we are true partners

We don’t just say this because it gives people a warm and fuzzy feeling and makes us seem like we collaborate well. We say it because we believe it. Because it’s really, really important to us. Partners are far more than just people you hire. They are more than just people for whom you work. Partners come with proven expertise, a positive outlook, and a proactive approach. They listen well and embrace the fact that everyone contributes to the solution. They ask relevant questions and communicate in a timely manner to understand short-term needs and long-term objectives. Partners recognize the vision and validate the contributions of everyone on the team. They understand the importance of collaboration and appreciate the responsibility of leadership. Partners keep working to get the job done, regardless of what it takes.

The Patrick Geospatial Services Team is one of many teams within the greater Patrick Engineering family, which is a full service engineering, construction, design, project management, and technology company. The strength of our extended team is having the ability to join technology and systems experts with a wide range of engineering and management professionals working daily throughout our markets. We partner internally with field and technical staff, as well as former managers and executives, which helps us to understand the big picture and provide insights into industry best practices. We understand your daily challenges, and this helps us to more effectively plan and execute the projects we undertake.

Our mission is simple: we are passionate about helping our clients realize their GIS dreams.

That dream may be building a simple map or building an integrated, enterprise GIS from the ground up. And everything in between. We understand - and you understand - that geography changes everything we do. Our underlying goal is to help our customers leverage the power of that geography in their daily business routines, to help them get the absolute most out of their geospatial solution.

We look forward to working with you and your company to answer the question of "where."

about Patrick

Patrick Engineering Inc. (Patrick) is a nationwide engineering, design, GIS, and project management firm with a long history of success on a variety of complex projects. We have more than 250 professionals located in multiple offices across the United States, and are a Silver Business Partner of Esri. Our services extend to electric, gas, and renewable energy utilities; cable and telecom companies; railroads; roadway transportation agencies; as well as state and local government.

Patrick understands the meaning of the word “partnership.” It means proven expertise, a positive outlook, and a proactive approach. It means asking relevant questions and communicating in a timely manner to understand short-term needs and long-term objectives. It means recognizing the vision and validating the contributions of everyone on the team. Good partners understand the importance of collaboration and appreciate the responsibility of leadership. They keep working to get the job done, regardless of what it takes. At Patrick, we have embraced a partnering philosophy for since 1979. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond each individual project and extends into the long lasting relationships we strive to maintain through our quality of work and a commitment to our clients’ specific needs. Our clients recognize this commitment, and that is why over 80% of Patrick’s work comes from repeat business.

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