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The Patrick Geospatial Services Team offers a variety of solutions to help meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether implementing a new product or enhancing an existing one, our business-led combination of technical expertise, excellent communication, industry insight, and unparalleled dedication delivers outstanding solutions that provide increased value to your organization.

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Inspection, Tracking + Traceability 

For distribution and transmission pipeline operators, FieldView (an ArcGIS-based solution) simplifies meeting compliance regulations, and increases the accuracy of sourcing critical data that supports pipeline integrity management. In addition, FieldView provides pipeline operators and construction project managers with readily available and easily accessible insight into project performance on a daily basis. FieldView allows managers to keep track of projects remotely and identify trends in performance to manage project risk.

Record keeping is improved through automated quality control and improves operational efficiency of inspection teams. Through secure mobile forms, paper is eliminated as well as excel/email processes and replaced with automated reporting for documenting inspection and as-built records. FieldView has an API that provides for modern integration with systems such as integrity management and enterprise asset management systems. FieldView delivers efficiencies in the field when installing, as-builting, and inspecting natural gas lines. The resulting efforts deliver highly accurate and fully validated Gas infrastructure data sets in ArcGIS formats that are easily adapted to support the data model of choice for your organization (e.g. UPDM, PODS, etc.) as well as operational formats directly useable and compatible with the ArcGIS Utility Network and ArcGIS Pipeline Reference tools.

FieldView Demo

Our team will help you build your business case and walk through the steps to generate value with FieldView. Click here to contact our experts. 

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