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The Patrick Geospatial Services Team offers a variety of solutions to help meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether implementing a new product or enhancing an existing one, our business-led combination of technical expertise, excellent communication, industry insight, and unparalleled dedication delivers outstanding solutions that provide increased value to your organization.

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Outage + Work Management 


Outage management, leak management, cathodic protection management, scheduling and tracking asset condition, setting preventative maintenance schedules, forecasting + priority planning for capital spend on gas infrastructure replacement and expansion … if these operational scenarios aren’t being solved in a timely manner, you are likely exposed to unnecessary risks and spending too much money managing your gas assets. 

Check out Patrick’s Operations Management for Municipal Gas solution, OpsView, powered by Cartegraph OMS and Esri ArcGIS. Our solutions will help you sleep better at night knowing you have the best-of-breed tools for operating and maintaining your municipal gas infrastructure and meeting regulatory compliance expectations.

OpsView Demo

Our team will help you build your business case and walk through the steps to generate value with OpsView. Click here to contact our experts. 

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