Our diverse technology backgrounds play a big role in our ability to think differently. The blended nature of our team provides a cross-pollination of ideas for how to approach situations and solve problems. Our team came from where you are and that makes us really good at helping you get WHERE you need to go. Learn more about our team and the professionals helping you answer the question of WHERE.

laurie fischer
geospatial operations manager
mike pordes
director | software development + analytics
john young
geospatial practice leader + team director
scott fierro
geospatial consultant
beth campbell
senior project manager | team leader
melissa kelly
GIS analyst
malachy tobin
senior geospatial software developer
brian fee
senior GIS analyst
dave ford
senior geospatial software developer
akilah smith
scrum master
josh werts
senior geospatial software developer
ben masters
senior GIS analyst
charlie charping
geospatial consultant
toni fairbanks
senior GIS analyst
erica pfister
senior GIS analyst
ian feathers
geospatial consultant
jared morel
geospatial software developer
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