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Our diverse technology backgrounds play a big role in our ability to think differently. The blended nature of our team provides a cross-pollination of ideas for how to approach situations and solve problems. Our team came from where you are and that makes us really good at helping you get WHERE you need to go. Learn more about our team and the professionals helping you answer the question of WHERE.

erica pfister

senior GIS developer

Erica Pfister is a senior GIS developer with more than nine years of experience. Based out of Columbia, South Carolina, Erica works in Esri environments to help build, automate, and optimize data for customers. She applies her expertise with Python scripts, FME workbenches, and other tools to develop the best possible geospatial solution for each client’s unique data challenges. Erica loves that turning raw data into informative, organized mapping solutions guarantees that she is always discovering something new.

did you know...

Erica loves cooking and is currently working through a huge box of random recipes inherited from her great-grandmother. Each week she and her brother pick one out of the recipes to try cooking in their households to see if it’s worth putting into the “official” family collection.

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