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john young

geospatial practice leader + team director

John Young is a geospatial technology professional based out of Boone, North Carolina. He has more than 20 years of experience applying Esri GIS technologies to solve business challenges in the property, facility, and asset management industries. He has worked with organizations spanning all levels of government, Fortune 500 companies, higher education, and healthcare organizations. John leads Patrick's facilities GIS practice in providing solutions for organizations operating campus, plant, and installation environments.

did you know...

John has been rock climbing and teaching others to climb for more than 30 years. Topping his list of coolest climbing destinations is Frankenjura, Germany. When John wasn't exploring some of Frankenjura's 12,000+ routes, he could be found enjoying the best of Bavarian cuisine.

trait awards

business oriented | 2018

proactive leader | 2019

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