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Our diverse technology backgrounds play a big role in our ability to think differently. The blended nature of our team provides a cross-pollination of ideas for how to approach situations and solve problems. Our team came from where you are and that makes us really good at helping you get WHERE you need to go. Learn more about our team and the professionals helping you answer the question of WHERE.

toni fairbanks

senior GIS solutions specialist

Toni Fairbanks is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) with more than 20 years of professional experience in geospatial analysis, geospatial scripting, city planning, government services, project management, and geospatial consulting. Prior to Patrick, Toni worked in the government sector managing an enterprise-wide geospatial web and database environment. Working from Charlotte, North Carolina, Toni enjoys working directly with clients to determine the business need, develop a plan for successful project implementation, and provide end-user support and training.

did you know...

Toni makes the most of every moment in her day by spending time with her family, hiking, gardening, and staying active with Burn Boot Camp | Mallard Creek.

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