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The Patrick Geospatial Services Team offers a variety of solutions to help meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether implementing a new product or enhancing an existing one, our business-led combination of technical expertise, excellent communication, industry insight, and unparalleled dedication delivers outstanding solutions that provide increased value to your organization.

Patrick’s Business Intelligence + Data Analytics Consulting Engagement

THEIA is Patrick’s Business Intelligence + Data Analytics consulting engagement that drives clients towards an advantageous, organized, and sustainable data culture.

Patrick’s Pyramid of Data Excellence is our proven pattern for delivery of THEIA. Our perspective toward a strategy in data management is, first and foremost, to clearly understand the needs and stories of the end-users. Through this we collaboratively develop a foundation for an effective data culture by creating a shared understanding of the operations, systems, use cases, and data.


The Patrick team has years of cross-industry experience in building and providing multiple data management and business intelligence applications, including projects implementing MS SQL Server, AWS S3+Athena, Google Big Query, MySQL, Apache Spark, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Patrick has served clients in a wide variety of industries from transportation and retail to utilities and agriculture/food processing to state/local governments. Patrick’s client list includes private, public, and Fortune 500 companies, demonstrating a high degree of comfort working in organizations of varying size and corporate structure. Our guidance and training have enabled customer success not only on front-end data visualization, but in data architecture, automation, storage, and governance. The Patrick Team is conversant within a variety of technology stacks including, but not limited to, Microsoft/Azure, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, ESRI, and others.

Our team will help you create a data culture that modernizes your ability to review key metrics and make important decisions for your business. Click here to contact our experts. 

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