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Delivering simplicity + clarity on a case by case basis. 
As you browse our projects - which are as diverse as can be in location, size, client, solution, and project type - the one universal feature you will see across all is problem solved, with simplicity and clarity. Please enjoy a walk through our portfolio and feel free to contact any of our experts should you have any questions or need assistance with a solution.


gas utility + electric utility


Strategic Consulting

ArcGIS Enterprise System

Architecture + Design

ArcGIS for Server Setup + Configuration

Portal for ArcGIS Implementation

ArcGIS enterprise foundation

confidential client

the need

One of the nation's largest utilities sought a digital transformation in an effort to lower total operating costs following one of the largest mergers in the county, to meet continually rising customer expectations, and to enable effective management of a large electrical system. This transformation involved the review and standardization of asset management and work execution across six business units in four territories. Prior to the transformation the business divisions of gas distribution, electric transmission, electric distribution, vegetation management, supply chain, and non-nuclear generation used thousands of processes and hundreds of systems to manage assets, schedule work, execute work, and report on assets and work. A reduction in process and systems would allow for reduced training, maintenance, and software expenses, therefore lowering the cost of operating the business. Included in the effort to standardize processes and utilize far fewer systems was a desire to improve the use of spatial asset data and geographic information system (GIS) software. This would improve decision making in order to plan work and reduce time spent in work execution/documentation. In order to effectively use GIS, a foundation must be established. The Esri ArcGIS Enterprise software was chosen as the best fit for the utility's needs. The utility did not currently have resources available to architect, design, and deliver a secure, high-performing, supportable, and critical-level ArcGIS system.

the solution

Patrick's Geospatial Services Team provided the resources to supplement the utility's IT and GIS staff. This team architected a system to support the 10,000 users. In the end, the system consisted of 300 cores running on 1,300GB of memory. The team established procedures for environment migrations and went through testing, staging, and production cycles a number of times. The team established automated testing for the servers, as well as robust logging for mission critical services such as geoenrichment that were dependent on enterprise work and asset management systems.In addition to the server and database environments, the team established the utility's first Portal for ArcGIS. In establishing the initial Portal for ArcGIS, the team worked alongside IT and business representatives from each of the divisions to define an operating procedure and governance for the ArcGIS Portal.

the benefits

The ability for Patrick Geospatial Services Team to provide supplemental resources enabled the utility to meet project schedules. Patrick was able to quickly ramp up availability of expert staff at times during the project when additional resources were needed. The knowledge of ArcGIS Enterprise brought by the Patrick team provided the utility a quick transfer of detailed knowledge to the utility support team.

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