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Delivering simplicity + clarity on a case by case basis. 
As you browse our projects - which are as diverse as can be in location, size, client, solution, and project type - the one universal feature you will see across all is problem solved, with simplicity and clarity. Please enjoy a walk through our portfolio and feel free to contact any of our experts should you have any questions or need assistance with a solution.




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Comcast Business improved sales

Comcast Business

the need

Comcast Business is investing in growth by building new plant, upgrading existing plant, and marketing new offers to Comcast Business subscribers. Comcast has standardized the storing of outside plant information in a single system for all regions. In addition, Comcast completed a project to develop and validate construction cost per footage of fiber and coax builds. The combination of growth, accurate and accessible OSP data, and validated estimates provided the opportunity for Comcast Business to partner with Patrick’s Geospatial Services team to implement geospatial technology to save time, save money, and increase sales.

the solution

Procedural changes were implemented, data processing was automated, and simple to use web-mapping applications were built in order to capitalize on the investment opportunity. These applications leveraged Esri’s modern web-based GIS and extensive network analysis capabilities.

One application – Instaquote – allows inside sales to understand cost estimates for a potential customer within minutes instead of days. Instaquote is easy to use and requires little to no training. New sales staff can use the tool immediately upon hiring. The Instaquote user interface provides three least cost paths to service an entered address. Estimated costs, distances, and business passing along the paths can be reviewed to choose the best path. Reports for each route are available for export. This application decreases the amount of unqualified surveys necessary, greatly reduces expenses, and increases the amount of closed leads. Year-over-year estimates have been under 5% from actuals, presenting Comcast with a beneficial return on their investment.

Another solution used the market development teams provides information necessary to make proactive build decisions. The simple to use interface allows for the selection of locations or buildings for a new build area. Once locations or buildings are selected, the interface provides a route to service, as well as costs, internal rate or return, net present value, and the number of enterprise small/medium businesses. Multiple tools have been added to the solution to allow for greater level of customization and decision input for the market development teams.

Patrick’s Geospatial Services Team continues to partner with Comcast Business to identify further opportunities to utilize Esri’s ArcGIS platform in helping save time, save money, and increase revenue.

the benefits

  • Sales increased by reducing the response time to subscriber from days to minutes.

  • Expenses decreased through more intelligent survey deployment.

  • Better capital investment decisions made through increased iterations of choices.

  • Simplistic tools reduce training time.

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