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Delivering simplicity + clarity on a case by case basis. 
As you browse our projects - which are as diverse as can be in location, size, client, solution, and project type - the one universal feature you will see across all is problem solved, with simplicity and clarity. Please enjoy a walk through our portfolio and feel free to contact any of our experts should you have any questions or need assistance with a solution.




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Comcast Business smarter planning

Comcast Business

the need

Comcast is one of the largest media and communications companies in the United States. Every year they proactively work to build out their network. The decisions on where to build have significant impact on the return on investment or ROI for the money spent. Their challenge was how to efficiently combine information from multiple sources and provide tools for iterative and dynamic analysis of many areas.

the solution

Leveraging existing success of cost estimation methods, Patrick’s team worked with Comcast’s market development team to create multiple tools that empowered better decision-making. These tools included a network planning tool that allows upwards of two-dozen market development individuals to review automated, multi-location, optimized network routes. Routes can be adjusted by adding buildings, splices, or other network-dependent assets. The tool resulted in an internal rate of return that was used as a key decision data point in the analysis to make capital investments.

Another tool was developed to supplement the process for reviewing dark fiber requests. Dark fiber requests generally come as lists of sites and hubs where a customer would like a bid for fiber path connectivity. Patrick’s team worked to develop a “drag-n-drop” mechanism for those lists to be used on a web mapping application. The application that was developed produces the least-cost route to connect each of the customer locations with the corresponding sites. The user also has the option use least-cost route regardless of site location listed in the input.

the benefits

  • More areas can be reviewed with the same resources in a shorter period of time.

  • Capital investment decisions improved.

  • The market development team was empowered by refinement of the tools.

  • Use of multiple data sets encourages data quality commitments to those data sets.

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