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Delivering simplicity + clarity on a case by case basis. 
As you browse our projects - which are as diverse as can be in location, size, client, solution, and project type - the one universal feature you will see across all is problem solved, with simplicity and clarity. Please enjoy a walk through our portfolio and feel free to contact any of our experts should you have any questions or need assistance with a solution.


electric utility


FME Development

Python Scripting

Map Creation + Modification

G/Tech extract + operating maps

confidential client

the need

This large Midwestern utility was looking to replace CAD maps in the dispatch center with GIS-created maps. Leveraging GIS maps reduces operating costs associated with maintaining another map type and provides GIS as the source record moving forward. In order to make this change, the client needed to improve the frequency of data extraction from their G/Tech system and pushing of data to Esri where the maps are created. There was also a need to enhance the circuit creation process and Mapbooks.


The client asked Patrick to help tune and extend the extraction process from G/Tech to Esri, as well as modify the operating maps generated from within Esri. 

the solution

Existing FME workbenches were in place to migrate data from Intergraph’s G/Technology solution to an Esri file geodatabase. The data was transformed and populated into an Esri SDE Oracle database. Approximately 40 tables are migrated. Patrick’s responsibilities included tuning the existing workbenches, modifying the workbenches to use new enhanced connectors (versus existing SQL connectors), and developing incremental updates (deltas) from G/Tech (Oracle Spatial) to a file geodatabase (FGDB), and loading the data into the ESRI Enterprise GDB for the larger user community.


The existing Python scripts performed a trace to produce a full connectivity model from the Intergraph G/Technology data. The output of the scripts is a database table containing a solid/fused, recloser section, model containing primary devices and other information about the circuit. There are approximately 2,400 circuits. Patrick tuned and extended the tracing functionality. Patrick also provided documentation on the final scripts.


The Esri MXD circuit maps are produced from the output of the python scripts. Patrick’s responsibilities in this area included tuning and enhancing MXD templates for circuit map production and incorporating the results for modifications into trace functions.

the benefits

  • User community is able to get daily updates rather than weekly.

  • Map displays and updated data have been improved.

  • Improved data management and consolidation of source maps.

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