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Delivering simplicity + clarity on a case by case basis. 
As you browse our projects - which are as diverse as can be in location, size, client, solution, and project type - the one universal feature you will see across all is problem solved, with simplicity and clarity. Please enjoy a walk through our portfolio and feel free to contact any of our experts should you have any questions or need assistance with a solution.




Qualify With Confidence (QWiC) Implementation + Integration

streamlining sales through QWiC

Midcontinent Communications (MIDCO)

the need

As part of an on-going analysis of MIDCO’s good faith estimate (GFE) process for fiber serviceability, opportunities to improve operational efficiencies were identified. At the time, MIDCO was using a manual method to provide GFE costs for individual fiber requests. These costs were then manually input into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and evaluated to determine if they meet payback criteria. Because this process was predominately manual, reducing the completion time for thousands of estimates was a challenge.

the solution

Patrick’s Geospatial Services Team partnered with MIDCO to implement the Qualify With Confidence, or QWiC, solution. QWiC is a soft product for the cable industry that was designed and built by the Patrick Team. The objective of QWiC is to reduce survey costs and increase potential subscriber sign ups by quickly analyzing plant data and estimating cost to build. QWiC provides MIDCO an interface that allows a GFE to be created in seconds. Based on MIDCO requirements, a customization was added, which allows for the saving of the GFE into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is accomplished through a configurable postback that contains the route cost, the route distance, the route path, and the count of businesses passed.

QWiC is an Esri Web Mapping application template, which means it is integrated with Portal for ArcGIS. This integration simplifies the settings of layers, symbols, styles, and multiple configurable parameter options available for QWiC.

the benefits

  • Sales increased by reducing the response time to subscriber from days to minutes.

  • Expenses decreased through more intelligent survey deployment.

  • Integration with existing process and customer information systems resulted in limited change management.

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