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The Patrick Geospatial Services Team offers a variety of solutions to help meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether implementing a new product or enhancing an existing one, our business-led combination of technical expertise, excellent communication, industry insight, and unparalleled dedication delivers outstanding solutions that provide increased value to your organization.

Qualify with Confidence (QWiC)

The Patrick Geospatial Services Team develops configurable software to meet our clients’ growing needs. One exciting offering is Qualify with Confidence (QWiC), a solution for the challenges of telecommunication cost estimating. The QWiC Application supports the workflow of business serviceability by providing users or systems with estimated construction lengths, costs, and nearby businesses by using configured parameters that determine these values. The technology that supports the application utilizes the Esri platform and solutions developed by the Patrick Geospatial Services Team. QWiC is fully integrated into the ArcGIS Platform and can be rebranded and deployed for other efforts simply by changing the configuration.

QWiC provides a number of business benefits, including:


  • Accurate costs based on proven logic to develop estimates for build-outs

  • Elimination of unproductive sales time and survey costs

  • Quick sales response (Go/No Go) to avoid missed subscriber opportunities

  • Enhanced workflows and Information Intelligence in other parts of your business


Our team will help you build your business case and walk through the steps to generate value with QWiC. Click here to contact our experts. 

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