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The Patrick Geospatial Services Team offers a variety of solutions to help meet the growing needs of our clients. Whether implementing a new product or enhancing an existing one, our business-led combination of technical expertise, excellent communication, industry insight, and unparalleled dedication delivers outstanding solutions that provide increased value to your organization.

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HCA/MCA + Class Location 


TruView is Patrick’s technology solution for implementing the new changes in the MegaRule with defining HCA/MCA/NCA.


TruView streamlines and automates the process of defining HCA/MCA location analysis through a proprietary ArcGIS-based algorithm factoring in proximity to rural and urban settings, population changes and dwelling use making it easy to perform regularly scheduled validation checks to ensure your line is classified properly on a quarterly or annual basis. ​


TruView utilizes public and private data resources to bring the most up-to-date, industry-verified data to our analysis tools.

TruView Demo

Our team will help you build your business case and walk through the steps to generate value with TruView. Click here to contact our experts. 

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